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Portal for public SaaS MQTT labs based on MIMIC MQTT Simulator .

The AWS IoT lab is sold as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) rental either from our servers or from a Amazon AWS server launched in your AWS account.

  • AWS MQTT Lab on AWS Marketplace $1 / hour

    • Your own lab with 10 devices for as long as you run your AWS EC2 instance.

    • Self-service rental from the AWS Marketplace .

    • Follow usage instructions in Usage tab of the above page, and View Usage Instructions.

      IMPORTANT: In the Launch this software page for Security Group select Create New Based On Seller Settings.

    • IMPORTANT: This lab is meant to be used an hour or 2. Make sure to stop the EC2 instance when done to avoid more charges. Check our FAQ for details.

  • AWS MQTT Lab on Schneider Electric Marketplace $10 / day

  • AWS MQTT Lab 10 devices 1 day $20

    • Your own lab with 10 devices for 1 day.

    • You will receive the URL to your lab via e-mail after we process your payment with

  • AWS MQTT Lab 20 devices 1 week $50

    • Your own lab with 20 devices for 1 week.

  • AWS MQTT Lab 100 devices 1 month $200

    • Your own lab with 100 devices for 1 month with advanced simulation features to develop simulated sensors.

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