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Portal for public SaaS MQTT labs based on MIMIC MQTT Simulator .

You can try for free (no registration/credit card required) the other MQTT labs , then upgrade to this paid lab if you like it.

End-to-end MQTT Latency Testing

Lab with simulated sensors to measure real-time round-trip delay to the MQTT broker of your choice.

The lab computes end-to-end latency measurements as detailed in our blog post .

The TL;DR is that this latency measurement rig is separate from the load generation rig to make sure that performance limitations of the rig are not impacted by load generation. It is meant to be run with a separate, independent load generation rig that puts the expected load on the broker.

This lab measures round-trip delay between publishers and subscriber to detect end-to-end transmission delay through the MQTT broker.


This lab demonstrates real-time, dynamic, predictable, custom telemetry from many simulated sensors to MQTT subscriber clients or IoT applications. In this case we are publishing timestamped telemetry to a broker, and receiving the message back in a subscriber, which then calculates round-trip delays in microseconds.

Do you have questions? Maybe we answered them in the FAQ below. If not, contact our support team.

The power of MIMIC is not limited to this. If you have a scenario you need simulated, send e-mail to

The Lab

The lab consists of a small number of publishers (by default 9), and one subscriber client. The publishers send timestamped (to the microsecond granularity) messages to the broker, which returns each to the subscriber client. The subscriber client calculates round-trip delay for each message, then keeps track of minimum, average and maximum over all the publishers.

The statistics are published in a dashboard dialog, and can optionally be exported to a Carbon server .

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What will this cost me?

    A: If you are renting through the AWS Marketplace , the costs are indicated there. Else, if you are renting directly from Gambit, the fixed cost for the MIMIC MQTT lab is indicated. Well worth the savings in effort in seeing a third-party device publish to your IoT application in under 5 minutes.

    IMPORTANT: if you are using this lab through AWS, make sure to terminate any instances that you launched, as they WILL incur charges if left running.

  • Q: What about security / privacy?

    A: Any data you store in your MIMIC MQTT Lab is not accessible by any other users on our server.

  • Q: What next?

    A: This lab gives you a small successful step in connecting a few third-party sensors publishing real-time, dynamic, predictable, controllable telemetry to IoT applications in a matter of minutes. The next steps are up to you:

    1. You can build on what you learned to connect your own devices to your application;

    2. Explore our other free resources / videos to learn about solutions to common problems you will encounter in IoT development;

    3. You can rent a lab anytime you need to test different aspects of your application, or lease a longer-term MIMIC MQTT Simulator with more features;

    4. You can scale the deployment to as many devices as you need to test, demo, train your IoT Application.